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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2007Statistical optimization of simultaneous saccharification and L(+)-lactic acid fermentation from cassava bagasse using mixed culture of lactobacilli by response surface methodologyJohn, R P; Rajeev K Sukumaran; Nampoothiri, K M; Pandey, A
Mar-2007Fermentative production of lactic acid from biomass: An overview on process developments and future perspectivesJohn, R P; Nampoothiri, K M; Pandey, A
Aug-2007Alpha amylase production by Aspergillus oryzae employing solid – state fermentationSwetha, S; Dhanya, G; Nampoothiri, K M; Soccol, C R; Pandey, A
Feb-2007Production of L(+) lactic acid from cassava starch hydrolyzate by immobilized Lactobacillus delbrueckiiJohn, R P; Nampoothiri, K M; Pandey, A
Jun-2007Polyurethane foam as an inert carrier for the production of L(+)-lactic acid by Lactobacillus casei under solid-state fermentationJohn, R P; Nampoothiri, K M; Pandey, A
Aug-2007Identification and phylogenetic analysis of TEM gene from soil isolatesSingh, S K; Anil Kumar Patel; Syed Ubaid Ahmed; Nampoothiri, K M; Pandey, A
2012Characterization of leucine amino peptidase from Streptomyces gedanensis and its applications for protein hydrolysisRaji, R; Dhar, K S; Nampoothiri, K M; Pandey, A
2012Preparation of poly(L-lactide) blends and biodegradation by lentzea waywayandensisNimisha R Nair; Nampoothiri, K M; Pandey, A
2012Aminopeptidase from streptomyces gedanensis as a useful tool for protein hydrolysate preparations with improved functional propertiesRaji, R; Dhar, K S; Nampoothiri, K M; Pandey, A
2012Probiotic fermented foods for health benefitsDivya, J B; Varsha, K K; Nampoothiri, K M; Bindhumol, I; Pandey, A