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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2007Statistical optimization of simultaneous saccharification and L(+)-lactic acid fermentation from cassava bagasse using mixed culture of lactobacilli by response surface methodologyJohn, R P; Rajeev K Sukumaran; Nampoothiri, K M; Pandey, A
May-2012Energy requirement for alkali assisted microwave and high pressure reactor pretreatments of cotton plant residue and its hydrolysis for fermentable sugar production for biofuel applicationVani, S; Binod, P; Kuttiraja, M; Sandhya, S V; Preeti, V E; Rajeev K Sukumaran; Pandey, A
Jul-2012Surfactant-Assisted acid pretreatment of sugarcane tops for bioethanol productionSindhu, R; Kuttiraja, M; Binod, P; Preeti, V E; Sandhya, S V; Vani, S; Rajeev K Sukumaran; Pandey, A
2012Organosolvent pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of rice straw for the production of bioethanolSindhu, R; Binod, P; Rajeev K Sukumaran; Pandey, A
Feb-2012High temperature pretreatment and hydrolysis of cotton stalk for producing sugars for bioethanol productionBinod, P; Kuttiraja, M; Archana, M; Janu, K U; Sindhu, R; Rajeev K Sukumaran; Pandey, A
Feb-2012Short duration microwave assisted pretreatment enhances the enzymatic saccharification and fermentable sugar yield from sugarcane bagasseBinod, P; Satyanagalakshmi, K; Sindhu, R; Janu, K U; Rajeev K Sukumaran; Pandey, A
Jul-2012An evaluation of chemical pretreatment methods for improving enzymatic saccharification of chili postharvest residuePreeti, V E; Sandhya, S V; Kuttiraja, M; Sindhu, R; Vani, S; Rajeev K Sukumaran; Pandey, A; Binod, P
2013Role and signi´Čücance of beta-glucosidases in the hydrolysis of cellulose for bioethanol productionSinghania, R R; Patel, A K; Rajeev K Sukumaran; Larroche, C; Pandey, A
2013Highly glucose tolerant beta-glucosidase from Aspergillus unguis: NII 08123 for enhanced hydrolysis of biomassRajasree, K P; Gincy, M M; Pandey, A; Rajeev K Sukumaran
2013Studies on biosurfactants from Pseudozyma sp. NII 08165 and their potential application as laundry detergent additivesSajna, K V; Rajeev K Sukumaran; Jayamurthy, H; Reddy, K K; Kanjilal, S; Prasad, R B N; Pandey, A