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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2007Identification and phylogenetic analysis of TEM gene from soil isolatesSingh, S K; Anil Kumar Patel; Syed Ubaid Ahmed; Nampoothiri, K M; Pandey, A
2009Compactin production studies using penicillium brevicompactum under solid-state fermentation conditionsShaligram, N S; Singh, S K; Singhal, R S; Pandey, A; Szakacs, G
2009Application of response surface method for studying the role of dissolved oxygen and agitation speed on gamma-linolenic acid productionAhmed, S U; Singh, S K; Pandey, A; Kanjilal, S; Prasad, R B N
2007Oil cakes and their biotechnological applications - A reviewSumitra, R; Singh, S K; Larroche, C; Soccol, C R; Pandey, A
2009Polyhydroxybutyrate production using agro-industrial residue as substrate by bacillus sphaericus NCIM 5149Nisha, V R; Singh, S K; Soccol, C R; Pandey, A
2011Isolation and characterization of a novel alpha-amylase from a metagenomic library of Western Ghats of Kerala, IndiaVidya, J; Sweta, S; Singh, S K; Deepthy Alex; Rajeev K Sukumaran; Pandey, A
2008Fatty acid profiling during microbial lipid production under varying pO(2) and impeller tip speedsAhmed, S U; Singh, S K; Pandey, A; Kanjilal, S; Prasad, R B N
2006Effects of various process parameters on the production of gamma-linolenic acid in submerged fermentationAhmed, S U; Singh, S K; Pandey, A; Kanjilal, S; Prasad, R B N
2008Compactin production in solid-state fermentation using orthogonal array method by P. brevicompactumShaligram, N S; Singh, S K; Singhal, R S; Szakacs, G; Pandey, A
2006Metabolic engineering approaches for lactic acid productionSingh, S K; Ahmed, S U; Pandey, A