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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011An improved bioprocess for extracellular l-Leucine amino peptidase production using Streptomyces gedanensisRaji, R; Pandey, A; Nampoothiri, K M
2013Highly glucose tolerant beta-glucosidase from Aspergillus unguis: NII 08123 for enhanced hydrolysis of biomassRajasree, K P; Gincy, M M; Pandey, A; Rajeev K Sukumaran
2013Studies on biosurfactants from Pseudozyma sp. NII 08165 and their potential application as laundry detergent additivesSajna, K V; Rajeev K Sukumaran; Jayamurthy, H; Reddy, K K; Kanjilal, S; Prasad, R B N; Pandey, A
2009Production and partial purification of alpha-amylase from a novel isolate streptomyces gulbargensisDastager, S G; Agasar, D; Pandey, A
2011Cyanobacteria and microalgae: A positive prospect for biofuelsParmar, A; Singh, N K; Pandey, A; Gnansounou, E; Madamwar, D
2011Cloning, functional expression and characterization of L-Asparaginase II from E. coli MTCC 739Vidya, J; Ushasree, M V; Soccol, C R; Pandey, A
2009Biochemical characterization of raw-starch-digesting alpha amylase purified from bacillus amyloliquefaciensDhanya, G; Nampoothiri, K M; Swetha, S; Pandey, A
2006Comparison of phytase production on wheat bran and oilcakes in solid-state fermentation by Mucor racemosusRoopesh, K; Sumitra, R; Nampoothiri, K M; Szakacs, G; Pandey, A
2006Microbiology and industrial biotechnology of food-grade proteases:A perspectiveSumantha, A; Larroche, C; Pandey, A
2006Rice bran as a substrate for proteolytic enzyme productionSumantha, A; Deepa, P; Sandhya, C; Szakacs, G; Soccol, C R; Pandey, A