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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07Exploration of Bioactives from Rare and Endemic Species of Western Ghats for the Development of Potential Drug Lead Against Infectious and Lifestyle DiseasesNeethu, S
2021-08Density functional theory studies on D-ð-A systems used in dye-sensitized solar cells:donor-acceptor effect,spacer effect,and molecular design strategies.Divya Velayudhan, V V
2021-06Exploration of ER Stress and Associated Complications in the Genesis of Hyperglycemia Induced Cardiomyopathy and Possible Amelioration with Chlorogenic Acid.M. R. Preetha Rani
2021-02Upregulation of Inflammatory Mediators During Diabetic Cardiomyopathy and Possible Amelioration with Cinnamic AcidAnupama Nair
2021-09In Vitro Based Mechanistic Study On the Role of Fructose and Palmitate in the Genesis of Steatosis in HEPG2 Cell Line.Swapna Sasi, US
2021-03Development of Molecular Probes and Nano-Carrier Delivery System for Intracellular Sensing and Theranostic ApplicationsRamya AN
2021-07Bismuth halide perovskites:tuning the optoelectronic properties using functional organic cations.Johnpaul, KP
2021-04Self-Assembly and Optical Properties of Phenyleneethynylene and BODIPY Based π‑SystemsGourab Das
2021-11Investigation on Adverse Biochemical Alterations in HepG2 Cells During Hyperinsulinemia and Possible Reversal with Vanillic AcidSreelekshmi, Mohan
2021-12Molecular Identification and Insights Into the Structural Functional Characterization of Sortase E Transpeptidase of Corynebacterium glutamicumSusmitha, A