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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-04-09Exploring the cytotoxic effects of the extracts and bioactive triterpenoids from Dillenia indica against oral squamous cell carcinoma: A scientific interpretation and validation of indigenous knowledgeAswathy, M; Banik, K; Parama, D; Sasikumar, P; Harsha, C; Joseph, A G; Sherin, D R; Thanathu, M K; Kunnumakkara, A B; Radhakrishnan, K V
2021-04-23Graphene quantum dots decorated with boron dipyrromethene dye derivatives for photodynamic therapyMangalath, S; Babu, P S S; Nair, R R; Manu, P M; Krishna, S; Nair, S A; Joseph, J
2022-02-08Blockade of Uttroside B-Induced Autophagic Pro-Survival Signals Augments Its Chemotherapeutic Efficacy Against Hepatocellular CarcinomaNath, L R; Swetha, M; Vijayakurup, V; Thangarasu, A K; Haritha, N H; Shabna, A; Aiswarya, S U; Rayginia, T P; Keerthana, C K; Kalimuthu, K; Sundaram, S; Lankalapalli, RS; Pillai, S; Towner, R; Isakov, N; Anto RJ
2022-05-22Augmented Efficacy of Uttroside B over Sorafenib in a Murine Model of Human Hepatocellular CarcinomaSwetha, M; Keerthana, C K; Rayginia, T P; Nath, L R; Lankalapalli, R
2022-06-08Cucurbitacin B, Purified and Characterized From the Rhizome of Corallocarpus Epigaeus Exhibits Anti-Melanoma PotentialAiswarya, S U D; Vikas, G; Haritha, N H; Lankalapalli, R S
2021-06Epoxyazadiradione Induced Apoptosis/Anoikis in Triple‐Negative Breast Cancer Cells, MDA‐MB‐231, by Modulating Diverse Cellular EffectsLakshmi, S; Renjitha, J; Sasidhar, B S; Priya, S
2020-08-13Induction of Mitochondria-mediated Apoptosis and Suppression of Tumor Growth in Zebrafish Xenograft Model by Cyclic Dipeptides Identified from Exiguobacterium AcetylicumJinendiran, S; Teng, W; Hans-Uwe, D; Liu, W; Ponnusamy, V K; Chiu, C C; Kumar, B S D; Sivakumar, N
2023-03-21Exploring the Phytochemical Profile and Biological Activities of Clerodendrum infortunatumAkhil, B S; Ravi, R P; Lekshmi, A; Abeesh, P; Guruvayoorappan, C; Radhakrishnan, K V; Sujathan, K