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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-02-08Metabolic Engineering for Valorization of Agri-and Aqua-Culture Sidestreams for Production of Nitrogenous Compounds by Corynebacterium glutamicum.Wendisch, V F; Nampoothiri, K M; Lee, J H
2020-08-03Fumaric Acid Production from Sugarcane Trash Hydrolysate Using Rhizopus Oryzae NIIST 1ABRAHAM, A; MOIDEEN, S K; MATHEW, A K; RAJ, S R A; SINDHU, R; PANDEY, A; SANG, B I; SUKUMARAN, R K
2020-04Lignocellulosic Bio-Refinery Approach for Microbial 2,3-Butanediol ProductionHazeena, SH; Sindhu, R; Pandey, A; Binod, P
2021-07Sustainable blueberry waste recycling towards biorefinery strategy and circular bioeconomy: A reviewLiu, H M; Qin, S Y; Sirohi, R; Ahluwalia, V; Zhou, Y W; Sindhu, R; Binod, P; Singhnia, R R; Patel, A K; Juneja, A; Kumar, D; Zhang, Z Q; Kumar, J; Taherzadeh, M J; Awasthi, M K
2022-01Lignocellulose in Future Biorefineries: Strategies for Cost-effective Production of Biomaterials and Bioenergy.Reshmy, R; Philip, E; Madhavan, A; Sirohi, R; Pugazhendhi, A; Binod, P; Awasthi, M K; Vivek, N; Kumar, V; Sindhu, R
2022-01Recent Trends and Developments on Integrated Biochemical Conversion Process for Valorization of Dairy Waste to Value Added Bioproducts: A ReviewAwasthi, M K; Paul, A; Kumar, V; Sar, T; Kumar, D; Sarsaiya, S; Liu, H; Zhang, Z Q; Binod, P; Sindhu, R; Kumar, V; Taherzadeh, M J
2022-01-01Lignocellulose in Future Biorefineries: Strategies for Cost-Effective Production of Biomaterials and BioenergyReshmy, R; Philip, E; Madhavan, A; Sirohi, R; Pugazhendhi, A; Awasthi, M K; Binod, P; Vivek, N; Kumar, V; Sindhu, R