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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-24Tandem integration of aerobic fungal cellulase production, lignocellulose substrate saccharification and anaerobic ethanol fermentation by a modified gas lift bioreactorXUE, DS; YAO, DH; SUKUMARAN, RK; YOU, XH; WEI, ZB; GONG, CJ
2020-04Tandem Integration of Aerobic Fungal Cellulase Production, Lignocellulose Substrate Saccharification and Anaerobic Ethanol Fermentation by a Modified Gas Lift BioreactorXue, D; Yao, D; Sukumaran, R K; You, X; Wei, Z; Gong, C
2020-12Penicillium Janthinellum NCIM1366 Shows Improved Biomass Hydrolysis and a Larger Number of CAZymes with Higher Induction Levels Over Trichoderma Reesei RUT-C30Athira Raj, SR; Meera, C; Prajeesh, KV; Rajasree, KP; Digambar, VG; Meena, S; Amith, A; Pandey, A; Sukumaran, RK
2021-01Ethanol Production by a Filamentous Fungal Strain Byssochlamys Fulva AM130 under Alternating Aerobic and Oxygen-limited ConditionsKrishnamoorthy, J; Mathew, A; Valappil, P K; Adarsh, V P; Puthiyamadam, A; Pandey, A; Sukumaran, R K
2021-06Addressing Challenges in Production of Cellulases for Biomass Hydrolysis: Targeted Interventions into the Genetics of Cellulase Producing FungiSukumaran, RK; Christopher, M; Prajeesh, KV; Athiraraj, SR; Reshma, MM; Meena, S; Anoop, P; Adarsh, VP; Aswathi, A; Rebinro, V; Abraham, A; Pandey, A
2021Draft Genome of the Glucose Tolerant Β-glucosidase Producing Rare Aspergillus Unguis Reveals Complete Cellulolytic Machinery with Multiple Beta-glucosidase GenesKooloth-Valappil, P; Christopher, M; Sreeja-Raju, A; Mathew, R M; Kuni-Parambil, R; Abraham, A; Sankar, M; Pandey, A; Sukumaran, R K
2023-01-19Optimization of cellulose production from Apergillus flavipes by submerged and solid state fermentationDina, S; Thankamani, V T; Emilia Abraham, T