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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2003Design and studies of some chromophore functionalized metal nanoparticlesBinil Itty Ipe Kandappallil; George Thomas, K
2009Comparing ultraviolet and chemical reduction techniques for enhancing photocatalytic activity of silver oxide/silver deposited nanocrystalline anatase titaniaPriya, R; Baiju, K V; Shukla, S; Biju, S; Reddy, M L P; Patil, K; Warrier, K G K
2009Enhanced solar-radiation induced photocatalytic activity of surface-modified nanocrystalline anatase-titaniaPriya, R; Baiju, K V; Shukla, S; Biju, S; Reddy, M L P; Patil, K R; Warrier, K G K
2009Probing the initial stages of molecular organization of Oligo(p-phenylenevinylene) assemblies with monolayer protected gold nanoparticlesRajeev Kumar, V R; Sajini, V; Sreeprasad, T S; Praveen, V K; Ajayaghosh, A; Pradeep, T
2009Linear and nonlinear optical properties of rare earth doped of Ba0.7Sr0.3TiO3 thin filmsReshmi, R; Sreeja, R; Jayaraj, M K; Jose James; Sebastian, M T
2009Erratum: Enhancement of critical current density and flux pinning properties of Gd-doped (Bi,Pb)-2212 superconductor (Jl Appl Physics Vol 104, 043905, 2008)Vinu, S; Sarun, P M; Shabna, R; Syamaprasad, U
2008Hydroxyl-functionalized polyaniline nanospheres: Tracing molecular interactions at the nanosurface via vitamin C sensingAnilkumar, P; Jayakannan, M
2008Synergistic effect in photocatalysis as observed for mixed-phase nanocrystalline titania processed via sol-gel solvent mixing and calcinationsZachariah, A; Baiju, K V; Shukla, S; Deepa, K S; James, J; Warrier, K G K